ADX Energy has found hydrocarbons in Romanian well Iecea Mica-1

Australian oil, gas and metal exploration company ADX Energy reported that it discovered hydrocarbons in several zones after drilling the Iecea Mica-1 (IM-1) well in Romania, according to

The report says that the potentially valuable commercial project exceeded expectations before drilling. The Pa V reservoir section represents a discovery containing a total gross hydrocarbon section of approximately 30 meters and contains at least 5 meters of a net reservoir with high-quality sandstone layers.

Another additional exploratory success is two relatively shallower Pa IIIinterval sandstones which are also associated with mud log gas shows and petrophysical pay. This discovery is of substantial significance for the proposed follow up IMIC-2 well, which is planned to drill 1.8 km NE of the IMIC-1 discovery.

The Pa V reservoir, which was not included in the predrill resource assessment, is assessed to be a gas-condensate discovery. A well IM-30 just 2.5 km further north and approximately 70 meters deeper at Pa V level tested 126 BPD of oil, ADX Energy reported.

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