Albanian prospects towards smart development

By Dr. Lorenc Gordani

Albania is part of the global efforts to address climate change on promote the transition to low carbon economies worldwide, including those taken in framework of Western Balkans region (WB6). Early the country has adopted an Integrated Planning System (IPS) to provide a set of operating principles for facilitating coordinated, coherent and integrated government policy planning.

On above, the new Albania’s Power Sector Law and followed legislation in sustainable energies has provided direction for long-term planning in the energy sector that reflects the development goals of the country. The new Res law has putted the objectives for the energy sector achieving a 38% target. This will also help to reduce energy dependency on imports to 65% in 2020 from 69.1% in 2012. In more, together with the increase of energy efficiency to 11% is aimed the reduce energy intensity by over 12.5% by 2020.

Then, significant developments are in ongoing toward the advance of the energy sector governance and meet the above targets. The last week have seen the lunch of national strategy for the energy sector, and the enter in force of the new National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) for the years 2018-2020. According to which, the planted capacity in photovoltaic has passed form the 50 MW to 120 MW within 2020.

Different studies have shown a huge potential exists for solar systems, which can be easily expressed as a range of 0.5-1 m2 solar collectors per inhabitant. However, practically a number of barriers have to be overcome in order to develop a market and transform the PV in a mature technology. On this direction it is waiting for a close approve of the new package with a fiscal facilities. As well as the unbundling of OSHEE it is hope to bring to a rapid solve of the commercial and technical issues on net metering.

Nerveless, industries, private and public housing companies and utilities has also to make their part being more activate on bring ahead their request and proposes. A purpose that is already embracing everyday by different companies, among which there are some as EuroElektra, that with their experience form many years are putting the base that make possible a transition toward a smart development even in Albania.

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