Bloomberg: Bulgaria with the cheapest fuel in the EU

The Bloomberg agency has made a ranking of countries according to the price of the gasoline A-95.Bulgaria has the cheapest but at the same time the most inaccessible fuel in the whole European Union, according to

Bulgaria has the cheapest fuel in the EU with an average price of A-95 of $ 1.33 per liter, which means the country ranks 25th in the world.

It is most expensive to fill the car tank in Hong Kong, where the liter costs $ 2.10.

In the Accessibility Index, however, Bulgaria lags behind all European countries, even those outside the EU, and ranks 53th out of a total of 61 countries. According to the agency, the average Bulgarian should spend as much as 5.46% of his daily wage of 24.26 dollars in order to afford a liter of petrol.

Bloomberg summarized the situation in Bulgaria as follows: “Ask the Bulgarians whether gasoline is expensive and they will most likely shake their heads because that means ”yes” in Bulgaria. Low incomes and moderate gasoline prices make it difficult for Bulgarians to fill the tank. ”


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