Bulgaria: Exhibitors from 14 countries offer good opportunities for distribution and new investment

Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Waste Management & Recycling and Smart Cities Exhibition and Conferences will be held on 16-18 April in IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria. This year’s edition has attracted leading names. The participants will present sustainable and financially rewarding solutions for every municipality, industry, agriculture, and home, aiming to improve its resource efficiency, performance, and competitiveness. Exhibitors from 14 countries will offer good opportunities for distribution and new investments. For the 10th consecutive year, there will be an Austrian Pavilion.

Product Highlights:

  • Autonomous power generation systems that combine the advantages of two sources of energy – sun and wind
  • New generation air-conditioning systems, saving up to 20-60% on energy consumption
  • Gas engine with 49.5% electrical efficiency with a high load range of 30-100% and minimal impact on the environment
  • Recuperators with an efficiency factor of over 90%
  • LED lamps that save up to 8-10 times more electricity
  • Innovation for the rapid realization of hydroelectric power plants
  • Biogas plants that use up to 95% of their biomass
  • Wood chips produced with a new innovative technology
  • Pellet making machines
  • Installations that burn biomass with high moisture content
  • Granulator which saves up to 30% energy than traditional machines
  • Innovation that makes plastics recycling as efficient as possible
  • Equipment for treatment and utilization of biodegradable waste: biogas installations, composting plants, modular systems for stabilization of organic fraction.
  • Sideloaders, bin lift systems, containers
  • Solution for the digitalization and optimization of the urban waste collection cycle that helps increase the recycling rates more than 60%.
  • Cost effective, modular AMI / AMR networks of smart meter
  • Building and industrial automation systems
  • IoT solutions for e-administration, e-health transport
  • Electric vehicles, etc.


The parallel program includes:


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