Bulgaria: The IGB pipeline should be ready in October

At the initiative of Minister Temenuzhka Petkova, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Energy to report on the activities on the project for the construction of the interconnector with Greece.

The meeting was attended by the executives of the Bulgarian and Greek design company ICB EAD, representatives of the pipeline supplier Corinth Pipe, the builder AWACS, and the engineering consultant Consortium Tibei.

Petkova urged the companies to work actively and stressed that the completion of the gas connection should be completed in October this year.

She stressed that the commissioning of the project in synergy with the Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline is of strategic importance. Through the interconnector our country will receive the agreed 1 billion cubic meters / year. Azerbaijani natural gas for the country from the second phase of the Shah Deniz gas field.

Corinth Piper representatives, for their part, assured that the production of pipes was scheduled. In February, the necessary pipes will be delivered for the construction of the first 47 km of the interconnector.

AWACS also stated that the necessary equipment for automatic welding of pipes has already been delivered to Thessaloniki and is to be transported to the route in Bulgaria. Currently, preparatory activities on the route on Bulgarian and Greek territory are still underway.

Source: WMG

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