Coronavirus: Electricity, gas, fuel prices capped in Romania

A new military ordinance adopted by the Romanian authorities caps the tariffs for electricity and thermal energy, natural gas, water supply, sanitation and fuels.

This is the fourth military ordinance adopted in Romania since the president declared the state of emergency in the country amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Article 8 of the new ordinance stipulates that “during the state of emergency, prices for electricity and heat, natural gas, water supply, sanitation and fuels cannot be increased above the level practiced at the date of the issuance of this military ordinance, these can only be reduced according to supply and demand.”

The measure comes into force after the military ordinance is published in the Official Gazette and is valid during the state of emergency.

The same military ordinance stipulates that, in order to keep their families safe, the drivers of vehicles over 2.4 tons have to spend the time between trips in quarantine or isolation. They have three options: they can isolate themselves in spaces provided by the employer, they can self-isolate at home, or they can choose to stay in spaces made available by the public authorities. These provisions also apply to aircraft pilots and seafarers, and the measure will come into force starting March 31.

To ensure the production, transport and distribution of electricity and natural gas, the employers in this sector also have to take measures of preventive isolation for the essential personnel. This measure will also come into force on March 31.

The same military ordinance also introduced tougher penalties for those who don’t respect Covid-19 restrictions.


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