DEPA’s vision and strategic goals in the Greek & Southeastern energy market

Mr. Dimitris Tzortzis, CEO of the Greek Public Gas Company DEPA, presented today the vision and strategic goals of the energy company in the Greek and Southeastern energy market.

To be more spesific, Mr. Tzortzis, speaking at the Athens Energy Forum 2018, said that DEPA’s vision is to be a strong regional energy company offering quality and innovative services enhancing the society’s welfare. “2018 is a company benchmark year with 2 main goals,” he pointed.

– DEPA’s entry to the retail energy market

– The launch of the tendering process for DEPA’s privatization

In parallel DEPA will continue to pursue the main strategic goals namely:

– To preserve our leading role in the liberalized competitive domestic and regional market.

– To take advantage of the geographical position and the energy potential of Greece.

– To increase the natural gas penetration in the Greek energy market.

– To create a modern and economically efficient organization.

IGB: Start of construction planned for Q3 2018

Regarding the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) pipeline, Mr. Tzortzis said that the start of construction is planned for the third quarter of this year.

“The project is in its final phase before the start of construction. TPA exemption application is being
assessed by NRAs. The Exemption Decision is expected by the end of April 2018.Call for tender for Owner’s Engineer and procurement of Line Pipe launched in November & December 2017, respectively,” he said.

EastMed: Feasible & competitive pipeline

The East-Med pipeline is “technically feasible”, “economically viable” and “commercially competitive”, according to the CEO of DEPA.

“In January 2018, East Med has been selected for a second CEF grant of 34.5M€ , covering approx. 50% of the eligible costs next FEED phase, which will bring the project at FID status,” highlithed by Mr. Tzortzis


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