Driving energy efficiency in the European building stock

The European Commission has published (21/6) a series of recommendations on the modernisation of buildings, specifying how Member States should implement the revised building modernisation aspects of the Energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD) 2018/844 to national law. The recommendations come as a response to requests from Member States, and include guidance on building automation and controls, e-mobility and inspections.

The building sector is the single largest energy consumer in the EU and 75% of the EU’s buildings are energy inefficient. A modernised and refurbished building stock therefore has a key role to play in the transition to a smarter, renewable-intensive and decarbonised energy system and, in the longer term, to a climate neutral economy.

The EPBD is the main legislative instrument for the promotion of energy performance improvements in buildings within the EU, and these recommendations on building modernisation follows the recommendations on building renovation that was published on 16 May 2019. Taken together, the two series of recommendations aim to ensure a uniform understanding across Member States in the preparation of their transposition measures, keeping in mind that this does not alter the legal effects of the directive itself.

The revisions to the EPBD was the first dossier in the Clean energy for all Europeans package to be adopted, entering into force on 9 July 2018. Member States have until 10 March 2020 to transpose the new and revised provisions of the directive into national law.

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