Albania: Energy sector sets targets by 2030

Author: Dr Lorenc Gordani

Legal Consultant on the Albanian Energy Market

The recent meeting of the Council of Ministers among other things saw the adoption of a new strategy for the energy sector by 2030. The drafting of which is the result of a process that has lasted for several years and has been in previous presented to the public on March 26, 2018.

The new strategic framework in ongoing based on two main pillars: the development of reforms to foster market liberalisation and regional integration, and huge investment on sustainable development driven by participation in the Energy Community initiative and in particular at international level by the Paris Agreement for climate change.

The 2018-2030 energy strategy comes after a period of dynamic changes for the economy as a whole and in particular for the energy sector. The sector is experiencing important structural reforms based on a new set of laws, normative and regulatory acts. Its approved open now the possibility of pursuing the country’s strategic objectives to allow full integration into the European energy infrastructure.

A framework that will serve as a basis for the development of the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan in 2018. All to build a package to address and adapt to the Albanian context, the five dimensions of the Energy Union Strategy, in accordance with the process of the negotiations that will be open shortly related to the preparation of accession negotiations process, leading to a higher level of energy security, sustainability, competitiveness, etc.

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