Energy Week Black Sea 2020: Join and watch the event online

The Energy Week Black Sea 2020, organised by InvestIn Network, will take place and will be broadcasted only online on 29-30 September, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event will be held on the platform providing the same amazing value of offline events — new connections and great content — within the comfort of one’s home office.

The Energy Week Black Sea 2020 is the event that brings together authorities and energy companies from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Georgia as well as international financial institutions and major multinational investors, EPC and consultancy firms for a dialogue aimed at fostering the deployment of renewable energy in the region and attracting foreign direct investment. 

Untapped potential

The Black Sea countries have vast untapped RE potential. Just to give an idea, as of August 2019, Turkey had an installed wind capacity of 7.27 GW
and more than 3 GW of licensed wind capacity under construction. Meanwhile, there is an onshore wind potential of 37 GW and a completely untapped offshore wind potential of 11 GW.

Flavorable regulation

The electricity sector in the Black Sea region has gone through a significant transformation in the past decade. Significant advantages for RE producers
have been introduced across the countries surrounding the Black Sea, such as Feed-in tariffs, Renewable Energy Zones, Green Certificates, and many more attractive incentives.

Demand growth

Local energy demand in the countries of the region is forecast to grow in line with the GDP, with Turkey alone registering 5.1% electricity demand growth since 2002. Moreover, achieving energy security is at the top of the authorities’ agenda for many countries in the region, thus utilizing vast renewable energy potential is of great importance.

If you want to find more, join and attend the event, click here.

The EnergyWorld magazine and website will support as media partner the Energy Week Black Sea 2020.

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