EU: New project sets out to change the narrative around the Cohesion Policy

The project aims to change the narrative around Cohesion Policy, explaining its relevance for both poorer and more affluent regions, highlighting its impact on the quality of life of Europeans and delivering on the EC’s 10 Priorities.

The communication strategy builds on two pillars:

  1. Sustained, cross-lingual, extensive media coverage that includes regional and local media partners across 10 Member States;
  2. Giving regional authorities and stakeholders a voice but also involving them in debates and events thanks to the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

The partnerships between the media network, regional and local media partners and the CPMR and its member regions are highly complementary and as such will act as effective multipliers in terms of visibility, impact and long-term sustainability of results.

The main target audiences are stakeholders at national, regional and local level: authorities, associations, businesses, SMEs, NGOs, think tanks, universities, etc. They in turn are also multipliers to reach wider audiences including citizens, thanks also to the inclusion of media partners in the different languages.



Read more on one of the partner’s websites, Euractiv.


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