EU, Romania: Country target set for 32 percent renewable energy by 2030

Romania could have as a target of 31-32% for renewable energy in 2030, which represents a significant step forward against the objective of 24%, which our country has for 2020 stated Zoltan Nagy Bege, vice chairman of the National Agency for Regulation in Energy (ANRE) in a conference organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romanian-German.

According to the source, the legislative package could be approved during the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council, namely the second part of this year. Contrary, the adoption will happen after Romania takes the presidency, starting with the 1st of January, 2019.

‘The European parliament approved very daring targets and for the moment the parties try to keep its position, even if it seems that the targets established by the Parliament will be reduced. For renewable energy, the parliament approved a target of 35% and from the information which were brought to my knowledge, it seems that there are chances that 31% of 32% be approved’ said the ANRE representatives.

He showed that this is a significant step against 24% for 2020, as Romania’s target was, objective which our country reached two years ago.





Source: ANRE press release.


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