EU, Romania: Economic growth, a must for new Romanian PM Grindeanu

The chairman of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk the president of the European Council congratulated Sorin Grindeanu for his nomination as prime-minister of Romania.

In a message posted on his Twitter account Jean-Claude Juncker speaks about the continuation of the positive trend in Romania as regards the stable governing, economic growth and an independent system of justice which should support the anti-corruption fight.

‘This is a crucial moment for Romania and the European Union. We are expecting the continuation of the positive trend in Romania as regards a stable governance, solid economic growth, productivity increase, raising of the living standard and an independent judicial system which should support the fight against corruption,’ the message posted by Juncker says.

‘In a moment when we face many challenges, the responsible contribution and constructive one of Romania as regards finding European solutions and keeping the European unity will remain essential for the prosperity and security of our citizens’ said Donald Tusk according to a press release posted on the site of the European Council.

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker also sent a letter to the former premier Dacian Ciolos on Thursday in which he congratulated him on ‘ the excellent work’ as the head of the government saying that he ensured ‘ a transparent governing period, a period open and responsible without any precedence in the recent history of Romania’.




Source: Twitter and European Council press release.

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