EU, Romania: President Iohannis expresses disagreement on a multi-speed EU system

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis said Thursday that the leaders of the European People’s Party (EPP) want to put their mark on the Brexit negotiations over the UK leaving the European Union adding that it is ok as long as the outcome meets Romania’s objectives.

“You have probably followed some of the speeches given by EPP leaders and realised that there is a wish to leave an imprimatur on these negotiations, which does not bother as long as the outcome satisfies Romania’s objectives. Some of Romania’s objectives are very clear; I have unveiled them and continue to back them. I want negotiations that will guarantee the right of Romanian nationals living and working in the UK; on the other hand, we want to preserve the strategic partnership with the UK, continue our cooperation on security policy, particularly on the eastern flank, on the eastern neighbourhood, on which Romania and the UK have very similar stances,” Iohannis told journalists at the EPP Summit in Malta.

He went on to say that the formal and informal talks he had these day with important state leaders revealed that things are on the right track.

“I could say that they all have understood that these negotiations cannot simultaneously be about the UK leaving the EU and the status of the UK afterwards, but that we have to start with clarifying aspects related to the breakup and only then should we start negotiations over what comes once the UK is out. Things are starting to settle and we hope to be able to very actively participate in these negotiations without getting out from the EU-27 team, which should negotiate as a single entity if it wants to negotiate successfully,” said Iohannis.



Source: The EPP Summit press conference.


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