EU, Romania: President’s Iohannis visit to Germany, focused on strategic economical relationships

Romania’s relationship with Germany is not only of strategic importance, but it is also privileged, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis stated on Monday at the end of talks he had with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“For Romania, the relation with Germany is not only one of strategic importance, but a privileged relation and definitely one of the best relationships. (…) Mrs Chancellor and I proposed to maintain this relation and to improve it. Germany remained the most important trade partner for Romania, it’s ranked first, with constant growth of over 10 percent over the past years. It’s notable and I believe that it shows that we are not just politically close but we are also close economy-wise,” the head of state told a joint press conference with the German Chancellor.

Another topic tackled by the two officials was the importance of German minority residing in Romania and the Romanian community in Germany.

“We believe that these communities significantly contributed to creating a bridge between our nations, and to strengthening this bridge between our nations, respectively,” Iohannis added.

The discussions focused also on Europe and the European project.

“We both agreed that it is the most valuable project. It must be strengthened, continued and improved. We have to find the best ways to get close again to the European citizen, to ensure the security of the European space and find the best ways to make the EU better — to better function, be more efficient and more accepted. I have mentioned in this context the Schengen Area topic and Mrs Chancellor encouraged me to continue discussions with other European partners, perhaps we can manage to get close to a solution in a reasonable time,” the President also said.

Another topic tackled was Romania’s presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019. “And I want to underscore that difficult themes will appear, exactly when we hold the presidency — the Brexit completion, discussions on the next budget of the EU — and I believe that we can play not just an important part, but a positive part when presiding the Council,” President Iohannis pointed out.

Iohannis and Merkel also talked about the transatlantic relation.




Source: Joint press conference in Germany.


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