Europe: Bulgaria welcomes you at EE&RE and Smart Cities 2018

Every business, municipality and home needs innovative, profitable and environmentally friendly solutions to be more resource efficient.  ‘It is  time to change the way we consume and produce, it is time to learn more about the benefits of investment in new technologies.’ – says Via Expo –  the organizer of EE&RE and Smart Cities Exhibitions & Conferences.

Running from 27 to 29 March in IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria, the event is the only one in Bulgaria dedicated to the hot topics: Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Intelligent Cities. For more than 14 years, the initiative has successfully introduced market-based technologies, opportunities for starting new business partnerships (most of the exhibitors are looking for distributors from the Balkans) and investing in quality equipment.

Exhibitors from 14 countries  will present their  latest  solutions in the following fields:

Sustainable Energy:

  • Solutions for heating and cooling: Heat pumps; Air conditioners; Biomass boilers and pellet stoves
  • Systems for the production of pellets from wood, straw, sunflower husks, municipal / household waste
  • Biogas installations, Cogeneration and trigeneration, Turnkey plants and systems for waste-to-energy recovery
  • Production and storage of solar energy; System for predicting, balancing and managing non-balances, Screw technology for hydro energy
  • Energy-efficient home, industry, street lighting, Low energy buildings and passive houses
  • Consulting and EU funding tools; Energy trade, etc.


Smart Buildings and Home Automation, Transport 

  • M2M, IoT
  • BMS, BAS and home automation: solutions for control of heating, cooling, gas, electrical and water consumption, lighting, switching off and on appliances, air humadity; Z-Wave devices, Intelligent radon detector;  Radiator valves (save up to 37% of energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions), Kinetic switches, Weather station for precise climate monitoring; Lighting control systems; BMS technologies; BIM modeling,  Solutions and services for development, distribution and implementation of software products with a focus on the AEC industry; Electric vehicles; Telematics – transport, public administration, fire-protection systems;  Mapping data and related services for road networks, buildings, parks and traffic patterns, etc.

Get your Free Ticket 

Visitors can register at and via the Virtual Exhibition can arrange meetings with participants of interest of them. The entrance is free for registered visitors  only.

Conference topics – the participation is free of charge if you register till 22 March 

  • Digital Transition Partnership – Part of the Urban Agenda for the EU; Transforming Cities for the Digital Era ; Good Practices in Italy and the Importance of Computerized Processes by Innova; Watify Campaign for the Modernization of European industry; Smart Cities in Romania; Use Cases & Benefits of “Smart” IoT Solutions for Municipalities; Lithium-ion Energy Storage System

Smart Cities Conference Program     Free Smart Cities Conference Registration

  • Cryogenic Energy Storage; Workshop: “Facing the Challenges of the New Energy Technologies”

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For more info:;  

Parallel event: Save the Planet   (waste management & recycling)


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