Serbia: Energy, Environment Protection and 112 EXPO at Belgrade Fair 2018

New Energy – Smart Cities

It does not happen often in the exhibition industry that the synergy effects of a group of specialized events are proved to be much more powerful than expected.  And the experience shows just this is the inevitable epilogue of the 14th International Energy Fair, 15th International  Environment Protection and Natural Resources Fair – EcoFair and the 41st International Emergency Prevention and Response  Fair 112 EXPO, held at the same venue and time, at Belgrade Fair on October 3 – 5, 2018 (112 EXPO begins a day earlier). 

The conception of this multidiscipline event starts from the pointed out organic and functional connection, mutual conditioning and compatibility of its units as the basis of the total sustainable development of both the local and wider regional economy. The energy, energy efficiency, environment protection, environment, waste management and recycling activity, Smart Cities Management, as well as of the realistic and possibly emergency situations and other vital urban services (security, traffic,  car parking, transport, e-services) – are the thematic frames of this event described by the mutual functional slogan  New Energy – Smart Cities.

Energy 2018 is the largest and most respected annual regional get together of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sectors of electric power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and mining. The Fair central topics are investment projects, challenges and possibilities in the energy and mining sectors, investments in the conventional energy, Green Investments into the renewable energy sources, wind energy, the projects within hydro and solar energy and other renewable energy sources, digitizing and smart energy management projects, investments into the energy efficiency and new technologies of smart and sustainable cities. An additional focus is expected on the production projects (and the cogeneration ones – the simultaneous or combined electric power and heat generation), biomass and biogas energy and the one from other renewable and conventional energy sources. Attention will be also oriented to good practices, the needs and potentials of the Local Self-Governments as regarding the energy, energy efficiency ESCO financing, implementation of the public and private partnership and the possibilities of the use of European and other funds.

EcoFair 2018 is the epicenter of the regional annual gathering of the most diverse and responsible factors within the environmental protection – institutions, equipment manufacturers, distributors, recyclers, operators, landfills, Local Self-Government, Public Utility companies, waste generators and the traders. The focus in this Fair section is on the communal and recycling activity, both in the public and private sectors. Like last year, the special unit of this Fair is the exhibition of public utility vehicles and equipment, the one for recycling and solid waste and waste water management, featuring the leading local, regional and international manufacturers of machines, equipment and vehicles.

Apparently, the third member of this Fair – the International Fair of Emergency Prevention and Response and Occupational Safety and Health – 112 EXPO is the cream on the cake, which would not be as expected without it.

All business visitors will have also this time the opportunity of online B2B communication and B2B business meetings appointment and the online accreditation taking for participation in the Fair programs, all through

Following the rising line of these events, more than 150 exhibitors and represented companies are expected, about 7,000 visitors from about twenty countries, about 2,000 registered business visitors at the  B2B portal, about 50 hours of the international conference program in the Fair Conference Center and about 1,500 participants in these programs.

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