Europe: Europeans will have to recycle half of their waste by 2025

European households and businesses will have to recycle at least 55% of their municipal waste by 2025, according to stricter new rules passed by the European Parliament, reports.

The legislation is part of a review of a series of directives agreed with the member states to improve the European economy’s ‘green credentials’. After the Parliament’s plenary vote, the Council will have to give its final consent.

After 2025, the recycling target will increase 1 percentage point every year to reach 65% in 2035.

The EU produced 2.5 billion tonnes of waste in 2014. One-third came from the construction sector and only 8% from household consumption.

Member states’ practices vary enormously. Only 8% of household waste is recycled in Malta, while in Germany the figure is as high as 66%.

But on the whole, Europeans are recycling more. For comparison, Western EU countries (EU15) recycled 55.6% of their packaging in 2004 and 67.8% in 2013.

The legislative package also includes a proposal for packaging and packaging waste, for landfill of waste, and dumped vehicles, waste batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

As part of the lengthy negotiations with the Council, MEPs pushed for more ambitious targets for recycling packaging materials and landfilling.


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