European wind industry calls for minimising effects of economic slowdown

COVID-19 is likely to delay the development of new wind farm projects which could cause developers to miss the deployment deadlines in countries’ auction systems and face financial penalties, WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson warned on 16 March.

He called on government to be flexible on how they apply their rules. “And if ongoing auctions are undersubscribed because developers can’t bid in time, governments should award what they can and auction the non-awarded volumes at a later stage,” he said.

Given that a knock-on effect of a slowdown in China’s manufacturing output is already visible in other countries, Dickson acknowledged that the wind industry as well as vehicle and vessel manufacturers, solar-PV panel and battery producers are all feeling the pinch from quarantines, travel restrictions and closed factories. “We will need to take a strategic approach to ensure that disruption is minimised,” Dickson said with regards to the EU Commission’s Industrial Strategy presented in Brussels recently.

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