Evangelos Mytilineos: METKA remains inextricably linked with MYTILINEOS Group

"Throughout these years, METKA, the jewel on the Group’s crown, as I used to call it, raised the Greek flag in 29 different countries and markets."

On the occasion of the completion of METKA’s merger with MYTILINEOS S.A., the Chairman of
the Group Mr. Evangelos Mytilineos made the following statement:

“Exactly 20 years ago, in the summer of 1997, with the support of distinguished stockbroker Spyros Bellos, the first major hostile takeover of a listed company by another one was planned and carried out successfully. By December 1998, MYTILINEOS S.A., admitted to the Athens Exchange just three years before (1995), completed the acquisition of the industrial manufacturer METKA, listed on the Athens Exchange since 1972.

From the very first moment, the true visionary and results-oriented Yannis Mytilineos put himself at the helm of METKA, a position from which, aided by the closely-knit and competent senior management team that he put together, he was responsible for one of the most authentic success stories in modern Greek economy.

METKA, which today joins the other main subsidiaries of the Group under the single corporate umbrella of MYTILINEOS S.A., has now a turnover that is 13 times higher compared to 1997, posts 29 times more profits and employs more than twice the number people – most of them engineers – than it did back then.

Throughout these years, METKA, the jewel on the Group’s crown, as I used to call it, raised the Greek flag in 29 different countries and markets. As a result, in 2011 METKA was in the Top 10 international EPC contractors (on a turnover basis) specialising in energy projects worldwide! METKA, the EPC Business Unit of MYTILINEOS, is expected to be as successful and even more dynamic in Greece as in all other countries abroad, following the completion of the extensive investigation carried out by the competent authorities that will help to overcome the adverse conditions that prevailed in the construction sector.

At the Annual General Meeting of June 2017, the shareholders of METKA resolved, with an overwhelming majority of 82.9%, in favor of joining the MYTILINEOS single corporate entity, as a new, large European single corporate entity. The dynamism of this new, single corporate entity, whose establishment was formally completed today, was confirmed in the clearest possible way by the successful completion of the largest Greek bond issue, launched 10 days ago and amounting of €300 million.

The name “METKA” is today withdrawn from the electronic board of the Stock Exchange, yet remains inextricably linked with MYTILINEOS Group and has yet to come full circle.”

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