Germany, Rosneft: Close to Euro 600 million for new German oil and gas investments for the next 5 years

Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft plans to invest at least 600 million euros in the development of projects in Germany in five years, the company’s CEO Igor Sechin told a press conference.

“Rosneft considers investments in segments of gas stations, jet fuel supply and delivery of German oil products to neighboring countries. In the next five years, Rosneft plans to invest in the development of business in Germany at least 600 million euros. Rosneft has already invested almost 2 billion euros in oil processing,” Sechin said.

According to him, in 2017, Rosneft supplied 21 million tonnes of oil to Germany and deliveries for the last 8 years totaled 153 million tonnes.

In particular, in 2014, Rosneft supplied 21 million tonnes to Germany, in 2015 – 21.5 million tonnes, in 2016 – 22.5 million tonnes.


Read more about these future developments on the German oil market on Tass.


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