Greece: Govt points to second half of 2020 for inaugural int’l tender eyeing floating wind farms/parks

The first-ever international tender to install floating wind farms/parks in Greek waters is now apparently on the horizon, with a relevant energy ministry general secretary pointing to the second half of 2020 for the competition, when, by all accounts, a regulatory framework will have been completed.

The statement was made by ministry official Michalis Verriopoulos, who spoke at a workshop held by the Norwegian embassy in Athens on Friday, in cooperation with the Hellenic Wind Energy Association (HWEA/ELETAEN), the group representing firms in the country active in the wind energy sector.

The same official said the tender will focus on a specific sea region, already selected by the ministry. As with several projects overseas, an environmental impact study will first be composed and opened for public debate by all interested parties.

While the date for an international tender is near, by Greek standards, a general election will come this year, while ubiquitous modern Greek bureaucracy (red tape) and the scepter of legal challenges are always risks in such projects.

According to information on its website, HWEA noted that Anne Lise Rognlidalen presented the Oslo government’s program for the sector, entitled “Innovation Norway”. The highly advanced Scandinavian country is a global leader in wind energy technology and exploitation.

HWEA said more than 120 people participated in the workshop, including representatives of the four systemic Greek banks, academics and technology experts.

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