Greece: The largest wind complex at Kafireas

The wind farms complex is supported by 20 year power selling contracts that have been signed with the Operator of the Electricity Market (DAPEEP).

A monumental project in renewables is completed and expected to enter commercial operation within 2019. It is a series of seven wind farms with a total capacity of 154.1 MW in Kafireas, SE Evoia, an investment by Enel Green Power Hellas (100% subsidiary of Italian group Enel) of 300 million Euros.

The wind farms complex is supported by 20 year power selling contracts that have been signed with the Operator of the Electricity Market (DAPEEP).

About Kafireas

The project will produce around 480 GWh per year, covering the needs of 130,000 Greek households. The project will greatly contribute towards power production from renewables, substituting production using imports or fuels harmful to the environment and health. The selection of Kafireas was made according to the special land use framework of the country for renewables, which specifies the areas with a high wind potential and environmental constraints.

The project’s planning has been made in such a way as to protect and improve the natural environment, as well as to promote economic activity in the region and sustainable development. Enel Green Power Hellas will provide each year 3% of its net sales for the backing of local communities and environmental protection. The annual sum for supporting local communities is calculated at least at 1.2 million Euros.

Helping local community

In general, during the construction phase and the operation phase of the project, the company, following its goal to enhance local community, hired and hires many people from the wider region, while materials mainly come from Karysia, while the regional economy is improved significantly through the renting of houses and offices for the staff.

Last, the company, apart from its contribution in widening the local economic chain, has also developed a parallel action plan that enhances sustainability. An emblematic project is the reforestation of Kastanalogo, a forest with centuries old chestnut trees in an altitude of more than 1,000 meters in the side of Ohi. The reforestation plan is already in operation under the supervision of the forestry service and is expected to be completed by 2021.

The sustainable development model

Kafireas, the wind complex under construction in Greece, is another example of a “sustainable construction site” with advantages for the region and local community ranging from the environment to the economy.

Enel Green Power’s presence in Greece has brought a breath of fresh air with many social, economic and environmental benefits. The various wind farms where EGP’s flag stands in Greece, the least of who is Kafireas in the southern part of Evoia, are opportunities for sustainable development.

At the time of Kafireas’s operation, the total capacity in 2019 will be 154 MW and it will be the biggest in the country. Kafireas will contribute not just to increasing green energy produced in Greece, but also to bring a series of benefits for the local community, while it is an important incentive for local economy.

At the construction site, around 200 people from the region have found employment to build the wind farm and relative infrastructure. They began with the road that was needed to reach the construction area and which will allow residents and tourists to visit remote places and admire natural beauty in this part of the island.

A “sustainable construction site”

Small businesses and professionals from the region are also taking advantage of the presence of the project. There have been collaborations with restaurants and hotels for covering the needs of the staff at the construction site.

EGP’s presence in the construction site guarantees income for the city of Karystos and for all local municipalities that host wind farms or small hydro plants thanks to a compensation mechanism.

A sum equal to 1% of total annual sales from each wind farm is credited to local residents’ power bills. The municipality where each wind farm exists receives significant income annually, specifically 1.7% of sales of each wind farm, which is set aside by LAGIE from the producers, while another 0.3% is credited to the Green Fund.

There were also sponsorships to athletic and cultural events, such as the creation of a small clinic with experienced medical staff, a landmark for the people of the region.

For all these reasons, Kafireas is truly an example of a “sustainable construction site” in Greece, included in the model of creating common value that combines corporate needs with those of the residents where we provide energy.

A total look at environmental sustainability

The project of Kafireas follows the paradigm of the sustainable construction site that set in motion EGP’s approach based on the model of creating common value.

Through the approach of creating common value, environmental and social sustainability provides support to the company for every choice and approach in development, planning, construction and operation of projects, focusing on environmental protection, rational use of resources, attention to health and security, innovation, circular economy and benefits for all involved.

During the construction phase, we set concrete goals to measure the seven sustainable fields connected to the 17 goals for sustainable development of the UN (SDGs) that are measured according to global sustainability standards.

It should be added that all wind farms built in Greece are inside areas characterized by the government as Areas of Wind Priority and Areas of Sustainable Wind. All projects passed environmental assessment, which carefully examines their repercussions on the environment and set all phases of their life duration: Construction, operation and pause of activity.

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