How much will the first electric Dacia cost in Romania?

French group Renault, the owner of Romanian carmaker Dacia, presented on Tuesday (March 3) the first electric car concept that it will launch under the Dacia brand. “Dacia Spring foreshadows Europe’s most affordable all-electric car,” Renault said in its presentation.

The French group didn’t announce the price for the first electric Dacia, which could come to the European market in 2021. However, the media in Romania estimates a price range of EUR 15,000 to EUR 20,000, which would indeed make it the cheapest electric car on the European market.

The concept presented on Tuesday, Dacia Spring, looks very similar to the Renault City K-ZE, which sells on the Chinese market for prices between EUR 7,200 and EUR 9,200. However, the cost to produce a model for the European market will probably be slightly higher.

For Romanians, it could be as cheap as the Dacia Logan

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