Improve of the business clime for development of sustainable sector

By Dr Lorenc Gordani

The energy system today is on continue evolution and Albania with its high natural renewable potential, have a golden opportunity at least to halt the growth of the imports of the electricity – means CO2 from old central coal of the region. Further as the cost of renewable energy technologies declines in continue, this will enable not only becoming independent but also helping to modernise all the structure of our economy.

An above as foreseen by Western Balkan Sustainability Charter, agreed at Paris Summit on 4 July 2016, the establishing of national indicative roadmaps for implementing measures required will increase investor confidence in sustainable energy markets. This should been done as soon as possible not to affect the work on the upcoming measures to be implemented. To this happen, there is need of working for the strengthening the capacity of national administrative authorities to oversee and govern the process in an independent, proactive and transparent manner.

More in specific, today in Albania a number of public bodies deals with foreign investment, and first of all there is a need for more clarity to the body responsible for area of investment promotion and protection. This should be followed by the establishment of a single administrative contact point especially for foreigner investors and the development of guidelines in the renewable energy field.

To the above challenges there is a very small progress in all the WB6 as reported by Energy Community Secretariat’s WB6 Sustainability Monitoring Report 06.2017. So far, lack of strengthening the capacity of national administrative authorities is recorded in all the WB6, and the only countries, which has complied with all implementation deadlines, is Montenegro. In February 2017, Serbia adopted an investors’ guide for projects relating to renewable energy sources, drafted in cooperation with UNDP.

However, the early decarbonisation should not be obscured from the fact that the structural changes are politically difficult and associated with short-term adjustment costs. Above all, consider that the sustainable development of energy sector is a topic, that a part the huge infrastructural investments, need also a lot of “soft measures”, it make possible the need of all of us to start working.

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