Joint visit by Lloyd’s Register Foundation Trustees & Lloyd’s Register Group Directors at Revithoussa LNG terminal

Lloyd’s Register Board of Trustees and Lloyd’s Register Group Board of Directors visited the LNG Terminal Station at Revithoussa islet on Monday, March 18th, accompanied by high level executives of Hellenic Lloyd’s, the subsidiary of the organization in Greece.

DESFA’s CEO, Mr. N. Battilana, welcomed the LR delegation, in the presence of Mr. F. Kalligas, Member of the BoD of DESFA & Country Manager of Enagas in Greece, Mr. D. Κardomateas, Division Director for Strategy & Development and Financial Services, Mr. I. Florentin, Business Development Manager and Mr. I. Karagiannis, LNG Coordinating Department Manager.

The visit was held in a particularly positive climate, giving the opportunity to both sides to discuss the perspectives of the LNG terminal in the wider region and its vital role regarding the security of regional energy supply. Issues, such as the high safety standards of the terminal, as well as the existing cooperation between the two companies, regarding the safe berthing of Q-max and Q-flex LNG carriers at the upgraded jetty of the terminal, were also discussed.


Lloyd’s Register Board of Trustees and Lloyd’s Register Group Board of Directors with Desfa’s high level executives

Both parties also referred to the EU co-funded project Poseidon Med II (PMII), for which both companies work closely together, aiming to adopt LNG as a marine fuel. DESFA referred to the important contribution of Revithoussa to the project, as the first link of PMII’s supply chain that enables the supply of satellite LNG storage installations and its role as the Technical Coordinator of the project; a role that has been acquired due to DESFA’s long experience on the operation of cryogenic installations.

Lloyd’s Register, as a specialist in the safety of marine and offshore facilities, referred, among others, on the risk assessments performed by the organization in the framework of PMII, related to the safety of the ports’ small-scale LNG facilities.

DESFA’s CEO highlighted the importance of the cooperation between the two companies, focusing on boosting strategic collaborations with business experts, in order to ensure the safe operation of the energy infrastructures in our region


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