The Netherlands: Shell is looking to sell 2 windfarms in the Dutch North Sea offshore

Royal Dutch Shell alongside its partners Eneco and Mitsubishi is mulling over divesting up to 45% of stake in two offshore wind projects in the Dutch North Sea with a combined capacity of 700MW capacity.

The Dutch offshore wind farms involved in the possible sale are the Borssele III and IV wind farms which are expected to be developed at a total cost of $1.4bn, according to a media news agency.

Dutch contracting company Van Oord, which is also part of the consortium, will retain its original stake in the offshore wind farms.

Eneco has been quoted by the publication to have stated: “This is part of a planned assessment by the consortium on how to best fund the project and future offshore wind projects for the long term. Offshore wind projects require substantial capital. We are in the energy transition for the long-haul.”

It was in December last year that the Shell-led consortium had bagged the rights to develop the Borssele III and IV offshore wind farms. The Dutch wind power project is located nearly 22km off the Zealand coast.

Borssele III and IV, each of 350MW capacity are likely to be commissioned in 2020.




Read more about this possible transaction on: EBR (Energy Business Review).

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