New natural gas power plant by Mytilineos

The founding stone for the great 350 million Euros industrial investment to build a gas plant was set in October by prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

During the inaugural ceremony for Mytilineos’s new plant, Mr. Mitsotakis delivered a call to the business world to trust the country once more as an investment destination.

“The project is founded at the beginning of a government that believes in green development and shortly before the new development law’s submission. It is a concrete sample of business trust to the government and proof for our decisiveness to unravel the developmental knot that stops investments”, said the PM and added: “Obstacles are removed, processes are simplified, this country has paid for a long time fixations that demonized private initiative. All that are behind us, we removed capital controls, we reduce heavy taxation, no one will be able to recall insurmountable obstacles, Greece is turned into a land of political stability and incentives, while it is recognized as an investment friendly land”.

“This new investment is compatible to the government’s three central choices, namely the gradual decommissioning of lignite, the liberalization of the energy market through creating new jobs and reducing power tariffs and the reduction of power imports causing economic hemorrhage”, also noted the PM.

He specifically mentioned the government’s plan to withdraw from lignite by 2028, which as he said, is an ambitious target for the country, when others, such as Germany, plan to withdraw by 2038.

As part of that, Mr. Mitsotakis underlined that the national council for energy and the climate is formed, which will produce the transitional program. He noted that especially for the lignite regions of Western Macedonia and Megalopolis there will be a special master plan with balancing benefits and environmental measures.

Ev. Mytilineos: Clean energy investments are a national choice

Mytilineos chairman and CEO, Evangelos Mytilineos delivered the group’s commitment to uphold the government’s effort in order “for the current 20% green energy target to become 35% by 2030”, during his speech in the founding ceremony.

As Mr. Mytilineos said while addressing the PM: “I carefully listened to your speech in the UN climate summit and specifically the new national strategy based on which the share of renewables will reach 35% by 2030 versus 20% today. The target you set is not just ambitious. It is necessary and I applaud you for your decisiveness. This should be our national guideline. This will be our legacy for the next generations”, he said while adding: “I take this chance to declare before you that Mytilineos stands by this national effort. And in its own share, it commits so that its industrial activity will also become green. By the end of 2030, the group’s metallurgical arm, the historic Aluminum of Greece, and other plants abroad will be supplied exclusively by renewables, thus eliminating their environmental industrial footprint”.

Mr. Mytilineos mentioned the group’s collaboration with American General Electric for the equipment of the new gas plant and said that “GE’s modern technology used in this new plant will make it the most efficient in Europe at the moment. At the same time, power production from natural gas with this high an efficiency, will reduce CO2 emissions by 70% compared to conventional lignite plants”.

Rechsteiner: Mytilineos is top class globally

GE Electric Power Europe’s CEO, Michael Rechsteiner, said that Mytilineos’s new plant using H Class technology is among the top class of industries globally. He also noted that the plant is a milestone for GE since it is the 100th gas turbine produced by the company, while he expressed his appreciation to Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Mytilineos for their efforts to decarbonize the market.

Benroubi: The new plant is natural evolution

“We hope that the Agios Nikolaos energy center will continue to be even more a climate positive energy pole for Greece and an important economic nucleus for the whole region. The energy center aims to be the heart of our energy system”, noted general director for energy of Mytilineos, Dinos Benroubi and added: “It is the natural evolution of our strategy. Mytilineos is the largest private producer with 1.2 GW of thermal plants and 225 MW of renewables that cover 15% of energy demand. With the new plant, Mytilineos will surpass 2 GW and together with the ever expanding renewables it will contribute to the country’s energy security and exports towards neighboring countries”.

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