PPC is present in the fight against COVID-19

How the company managed the challenge of the coronavirus. The strong social aspect and the care for employees. Enforcing the public health authority’s guidelines, PPC managed to win the fight for the continuous and safe operation of the power market. PPC once again proves its long term support for Greek society, said the chairman and CEO, Mr. George Stassis, on the occasion of the company’s large donation to the national health system.
During the coronavirus crisis, PPC applied the proper preventive measures to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), while maintaining its perpetual operation and contributing to the country’s energy adequacy.
Specifically, the group’s technicians continued to work uneventfully for the grid’s enhancement, the mending of malfunctions and for ensuring power supply to the entire country, while all power plants are at operational readiness, keeping up with all protection and prevention measures. Moreover, the entrance and exit to and from power plants is entirely controlled, while special measures are taken for the protection of crucial specialists who are necessary for the plants’ continuous operation. Also, the staff in key positions in power plants and mines, as well as in stores have been supplied with special masks and gloves.
Furthermore, PPC group continues to offer all of its services to its clients through all avenues of support while fully enforcing strict measures of prevention and hygiene. Therefore, the arrival of customers to the stores occurs in a controlled manner and with few people at once, while anyone entering is recorded in order to be tracked in case of infection.

In order to avoid overcrowding and lines at its stores, PPC advises customers to prefer for their service:
– The telephone center 11770.
– PPC’s webpage www.dei.gr, where they can communicate with the group’s services and pay their bills easily and free of charge.
Aside from the measures to constantly disinfect the premises and vehicles, to reduce movement and crowding of staff, during the crisis work from home was encouraged and there was also advice to workers belonging to sensitive groups to avoid the premises, according to national health guidelines.
Phone payments
Moreover, the company took steps to make paying the bills easier by using the 11770 phone number. The process is simple and quick: Using the electronic payment code on the bill and their credit or debit card, customers can be served by PPC’s specialized staff with complete safety. It only takes a few minutes for the completion of the process, while no other number will be requested (pin etc.). Phone payment through 11770 is available daily from 09:00 to 17:00.

A large donation to the national health system
The company was soundly active in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, through offering one of the largest donations to the national health system. Through this donation, the company undeniably proves its solidarity for society despite difficulties faced by the entire energy market because of the coronavirus. Specifically, PPC offered more than 5 million Euros for the supply of six tons of protective materials, including masks, protective suits, glasses and other disposables from China. Materials already received and used in the fight against the new virus consist of 507,600 FPP2 masks and 12,022 Tyvec suits.
The materials arrived through a chartered flight from China, whose cost was completely covered by PPC.
As PPC chairman and CEO, Mr. George Stassis, said: “PPC once again proves its long term support to Greek society” and added that the least the company could do was to stand beside “the heroes with white and green overalls who fight for the health of us all. PPC’s staff are also fighting their own battle to ensure the country’s energy adequacy, they are thankful to those in the front lines and take care so we can exit this ordeal with the fewest possible losses. We are going to make it all together,” said Mr. Stassis.

Published @energyworldmag #36 issue, May-June 2020

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