Price of Russian natural gas for Bulgaria goes down by over 40%

As of 1 March it is EUR 13.44 (26.29 Leva) per megawatt hour. This is the agreement reached between Bulgargaz and Gazprom yesterday. The new lower price comes into effect retrospectively – as of 5 August, 2019, the date of the start of the negotiations. The difference over this period is estimated at around EUR 77 million (150 million Leva), and Bulgargaz’s clients will be reimbursed this sum, said Bulgargaz Director Nikolay Pavlov.

It is no coincidence that Gazprom returned the contract to us signed today, 3 March. There is symbolism in this and I would like to thank the colleagues from the Russian Federation, commented PM Boyko Borissov, and added that Bulgaria has always expressed its gratitude to Russia for its liberation.


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