Romania: 10th in EU for share of green energy in total consumption

Romania ranked 10th in the European Union based on the share of renewable energy in the total consumption, with a share of 24.8% in 2015, according to data published yesterday by EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

The highest level was reached in Sweden, namely 53.9%. Sweden was followed at great distance by Finland (39.3%), Latvia (37.6%), Austria (33%), and Denmark (30.8%).

At the opposite pole were Luxembourg and Malta, which covered only 5% of their energy consumption from renewable sources, the Netherlands (5.8%), Belgium (7.9%), and the UK (8.2%).

Each Member State has its own target for 2020, depending on the starting point, the potential use of renewable energy and economic performance. Romania and 10 other countries have already achieved the targets. The countries include Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Finland and Sweden.

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