Romania: 20 British nuclear companies chose this country to promote their expertise in Central and Eastern Europe

A delegation composed of 20 nuclear companies participated in Bucharest at the largest promotional event organized by the British Department for International Trade outside the UK, informs. Representatives of the British Nuclear Industry Association and of the British Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have presented collaborative opportunities argued by the long tradition of the companies from the Kingdom in the commercial exploitation of nuclear energy.

At the opening of the conference, the British Ambassador in Bucharest, Paul Brummell, referred to Romania’s success in the development of the nuclear industry, but also to the challenges of the refurbishment of Cernavoda reactors 1 and 2, as well as the construction of the new reactors. “The UK companies have the experience and technologies that can help in achieving these ambitious plans”, said Paul Brummell. “And it’s not just about Romania,” the British Ambassador continued, “there are interesting developments in the nuclear sector in Central Europe in Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, whether we are talking about new projects, lifetime extensions of the equipment, decommissioning or waste management”.

In his turn, the Secretary of State at the Romanian Ministry of Energy, Andrei Maioreanu, reminded of Romania’s commitment in the nuclear field, based on the tradition, expertise and infrastructure developed for decades. “Romania is among the 14 European Union states that maintain their option of using nuclear energy and developing production capacities”, said Maioreanu.


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