Romania: 32 million euros in European funds for the rehabilitation of the heating network in Oradea

Oradea City Hall will continue this year the rehabilitation program of the district heating network by replacing another 23 km of the main pipeline network and the modernization of the thermal power stations, project for which approximately 32 million euros is allocated. 95% of this funding is European funds, through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (PMOI) 2014-2020, while the remaining 5% is the contribution of Oradea municipality.

“From European money, during the last financing period, we made the replacement of the thermal power station, but also we rehabilitated over 17 km of the main pipeline network. In the second stage we are in the process of completing the replacement of more than 20 kilometers of main pipeline. For the third stage, we have schduled 27 million euros, plus VAT, which is about 32 million euros in total”, said Ilie Bolojan, Mayor of Oradea, as quoted by

The 3rd phase works are grouped into three categories. The first category is related with the replacement of the main pipeline networks, with a total amount allocated of 15.8 million euros. Of this money, 23 km of primary network will be replaced, and some secondary networks will be transformed into primary agent networks.

The second category is related with the modernization of 42 thermal points, namely the realization of the interior automations and the installations, but also the rehabilitation of the secondary networks, including the recirculation system at the blocks served by these thermal points. For this category, € 8.5 million (for thermal points) is allocated, plus € 1.9 million for secondary networks. The third component of this phase focuses on the central area and aims to replace 5 large thermal points with mini thermal points for each consumer, with an amount of 7 million euros.


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