Romania: ACROPO supervises the exploitation of the 200 billion cubic metres of gas in the Black Sea

Starting with 2017, the Romanian government set up ACROPO, authority which regulates the exploration and exploitation of the energy resources in the Black Sea writes Ziarul Financiar.

ACROPO is an entity subordinated to the government set up through law 156/2016 regarding the safety of the offshore operations and deals with the evaluation and reception of the reports regarding major danger, the evaluation of the notifications regarding the design and evaluation of the notifications regarding operations on the well which are presented, as well as the conciliation of other authorities or bodies, including the authority which signed the oil agreements, ANRM for offshore oil operations.

At the same time, ACROPO sets a policy for the evaluation of the reports regarding major hazards and the presented notifications, including inspections, investigations and constraint measures.


Gas in the Black Sea risks to become a controversial topic in the context where information on this issue has mostly confidential character, says ZF. For example, between 15,11.2017- 19.12.2017 there was the first round of bids in the process of reservation of the capacity on the BRUA pipeline (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria), conceived to take gas from the Black Sea to the region.


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