Romania: Among lowest annual inflation rates in EU

Romania had one of the lowest annual inflation rates in the EU in July, namely 0.9%, according to EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

The annual inflation rate in the European Union (EU) remained stable in July, amounting to 1.5%. Ireland saw the lowest annual inflation rate in July, with -0.2%, followed by Cyprus, with -0.1% – both of them recorded a deflation, or a decrease in prices.

Bulgaria and Finland both recorded an annual inflation rate of 0.6%. France and Romania came next, with inflation rates of 0.8%, respectively 0.9%.

In the euro area, the annual inflation rate remained stable in July at 1.3%. Accommodation services, tourist packages and air transport had the most significant impact on the annual price increases in the euro zone in July. Meanwhile, telecom services and the sales of vegetables and fruits contributed to lower prices in the euro zone during this period.


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