Romania, ArcelorMittal’s Bruno Ribo: We could produce at Galati whole steel amount for BRUA pipeline

ArcelorMittal can produce at southeastern Galati the entire amount of steel necessary to carry out the BRUA gas inter-connector (Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria), Bruno Ribo, CEO of ArcelorMittal Galati told Agerpres.

“We are very interested in this project, which is important to us and vital for our unit of pipes and tubes in Galati. Approximately 80 percent of the pipe’s value comes from the steel part,” said Ribo.

He warned that the countries outside European Union could come with a cheaper steel, but this lower price is due to the fact that the community manufacturers pay certain environmental taxes.

According to him, the BRUA pipeline needs 110,000 tonnes of steel, the amount the Galati compound could produce without problems.

Also at the Galati compound, ArcelorMittal has a pipe plant with cca 50,000 tonnes capacity per year, that is selling currently 25,000 tonnes.

Last year, the steel production at Galati topped 2 million tonnes, the same with 2015, when an increase to 2014 by 20 percent was recorded. Ribo estimates a similar 2 million tonnes production for 2017, too.

According to Transgaz, the works for the BRUA pipeline will kick off this November, on the territory of 11 counties, and will be finalised in 2020. The new pipeline will stretch on 550 km and will have a maximum 1.5 billion cubic metres per year capacity toward Bulgaria and 4.4 billion cubic metres toward Hungary, yearly.


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