Romania: Black Sea Gas will most likely enter the market on July 2021

SNTGN Transgaz SA informs that within the Binding Stage of the incremental capacity process for the Tuzla Point, held between 03.05. – 18.05.2018, has received binding requests for incremental capacity for the point of entry into the national transport system (NTS), expected to be created in the area of ​​Tuzla, Constanta County, for the purpose of taking over the natural gas from the Black Sea.

The applications were analyzed in accordance with the provisions regarding the “Incremental Capacity Reservation procedure in the National Gas Transmission System through the carrying out of incremental capacity processes having as subject points of entry/exit into/from the National Gas Transmission System, other than the interconnection points to be created/developed through the projects included in the investment plans and development of the National Gas Transmission System for the next 10 years “, approved by the ANRE Notice no. 13/2017 (hereinafter referred to as the Procedure).

In the analysis carried out by SNTGN Transgaz SA it was found that the minimum capacity threshold mentioned in the documentation related to the Binding Stage of the Incremental Capacity Process for the entry point in the Tuzla SNT was reached. The cumulated value of the allocated capacity over the entire auctioned period is 1,278,084,480 MWh, higher than the minimum threshold of 1,277,213,582 MWh. The cumulative value of the commitments of the nominated winning applicants is of RON 2,949,358.14 thousand, RON 2,011.78 thousand higher than the present value of the estimated increase in the allowable income associated with the incremental capacity offered under this procedure (2,947,346.36 thousand lei).

Aggregate result of the capacity allocation process:

As a result, SNTGN Transgaz SA announces that the incremental capacity reservation process at the expected entry point in the Black Sea NTS – PM TUZLA – Binding Stage has been successfully completed.


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