Romania, Bucharest: Anti-Government protests continue in the Capital city

Despite the sweltering heat and the start of a long weekend, groups of hardcore demonstrators gathered again outside the Government building in Bucharest for a sixth night in a row on August the 15th.

A couple of hundred people demanding the resignation of Romania’s leftist government, which they accuse of corruption and attacks on the rule of law, chanted slogans against the government and the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD), accompanied by the noise of vuvuzelas and monitored by regular police.

Unlike the previous couple of nights, and despite the smaller number of protesters, a pair of dark-clothed riot police was also standing guard on the sides of Victoria Square, and refused to allow people to take their pictures.

The government has decreed a five-day vacation starting on August 15, and although the decision was made months ago, some of the protesters in the square vented furiously against the decision, calling it a bribe by the government for state employees.

Some protesters told RFE/RL that they had jobs in the private sector and would keep going to work every day during the short vacation. But they said they would still keep coming to the protest every evening after work.



Read more about the ongoing protests in Romania on RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty.


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