Romania: Bucharest district residents may be forced to sort their waste for recycling

The residents of Bucharest’s District 1 may be forced to separate their waste for recycling, as the mayor said the administration might no longer pick up their trash if they don’t sort it.

“The District 1 City Hall pays for that waste, the district’s residents don’t pay to have their garbage picked up. It’s difficult to make them aware of the situation. They say that it is our duty to deal with this situation, but if they don’t sort their waste we will stop picking up their garbage soon. It is the only way to make them aware that garbage must be selected before it is picked up by operators,” mayor Dan Tudorache said at the Municipal Waste Management forum, reports local

Meanwhile, the District 6 mayor Gabriel Mutu said the authorities there have found other ways of making Bucharesters sort their trash. For example, those who separate the household waste will no longer pay to have their garbage picked up.


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