EU, Romania: Bucharest is the eighth cheapest capital for car renting according to the Magrenta platform

Bucharest is the eighth cheapest capital to rent a car among 36 European ones surveyed by rental platform Magrenta, local media reported.

The price for a six-day rental starts in Bucharest at EUR 95.1. The cost is available for rentals made with the pick-up in the main airport, and a three-week advance reservation.

By comparison, the price for a rental in Bratislava for the same period of time starts at EUR 63.3. This is the cheapest price among surveyed countries. It is followed by that in Madrid, at EUR 76.1, Ljubljana at EUR 77.1 and Vilnius at EUR 79.2. Rentals in Prague start at EUR 82.8, while those in Berlin at EUR 88.9 and in Brussels at 92.3.

Renting a car in Bucharest is however slightly cheaper than doing the same in Amsterdam, where the cost starts at EUR 95.7. It is also cheaper than in Budapest, where the cost starts at EUR 115.6, and in Riga, where it starts at EUR 148.

When the cost of fuel for a 500 to 1,000 km is added, Bucharest climbs two spots to become the sixth cheapest area for trips taken with a rented car.






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