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Romania, Bucharest: New programmes to be implemented with focus on air pollution and waste management

Bucharest City Hall wants to implement new programs that would focus on two of the city’s problems: air pollution and waste collection.

Thus, the City Hall is to implement in the coming period an operational system for air quality management via which the authorities will know in real time the concentration levels of air pollutants, and will thus be able to issue notifications and alarms for the population.

“It’s not enough to admit that there is pollution in Bucharest. It is the local authorities’ duty to continuously monitor the level of pollutants in the city, not only as a way to stay informed, but also to be able to take the appropriate action,” said mayor Gabriela Firea.

The system will be made of 25 fixed monitoring stations that will be placed in areas with heavy traffic, industrial areas, parks and recreation areas, schools, and hospitals, as well as nine mobile stations that will mainly be located near construction sites, 20 indicative measurement equipment placed on the means of public transportation that will monitor the level of pollutants in traffic, and a system that will transmit and storage the data, the related software, and street display panels.




Source: Bucharest City Hall statement.