Romania: Budget bill for 2018 will go to Parliament, for approval, this November

The budget bill for 2018 is set to be submitted to Parliament in November and, most probably, adopted late in the same month or in early December, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday.

“We have already discussed the matter at both Government and coalition level last week and in the end we decided that we will assume responsibility for a possible small delay in submitting the budget to Parliament, since the important thing is that all the measures we decided upon to have a chance to be adopted, for the bill must include all the measures that we discussed. And we need to observe all the governmental procedures, the legal procedures, the administrative procedures and those related to transparency for these measures to be adopted. I believe that in November the bill will be submitted to Parliament, so that late in the same month, or early in December to have it adopted,” said Liviu Dragnea, at the end of a meeting focusing budget projection for 2018 that the leaders of governing coalition had with Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, on Monday evening, at Vila Lac 1.

In respect to the discussions about the budget bill for 2018, the PSD head said the good news was that the deficit targets for 2018 will be observed.

“The good news, which is not quite a novelty for us, is that the deficit targets of below 3 percent for 2018 will be observed. They also discussed about the positive adjustment this year and the deficit for 2017 that will also stay below 3 percent,” Dragnea said.

The Social Democratic leader also added on the same occasion that the completion of the budget bill for 2018 depends on the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) approval.




Source: Government statement, after PSD meeting.


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