Romania: Car market is on an ascendent path

The local car market saw almost 12,000 registrations of new vehicles in February, up some 48% compared to February last year, according to the Directorate for Driver Licenses and Vehicle Registrations – DRPCIV.

The vehicles segment includes cars, buses, tractors or commercial vehicles.

The number of passenger car registrations increased by 63% in February reaching a number of over 8,300 cars. The significant growth was due to the removal of the environment tax on cars starting February 1.

The best-selling car brands were Dacia, with 2,085 units, up 50% year-on-year, followed by Skoda, with 704 units sold, up 41% year-on-year. They were followed by Volkswagen (700 units, up 61%), Renault (579 units, up 127%), and Ford (556 units, up 41%).



Source: DRPCIV official press release.

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