Romania: CE Oltenia produced almost a quarter of country’s energy in 2017

The Energy Complex Oltenia produced 15 TWh of energy last year, or 24% of the total energy production of the country, according to a press release of the company, reports. Compared to the previous year, the company’s energy production increased by over 11%. In 2016, CE Oltenia achieved an electricity production of 13.5 TWh.

“In 2017, CE Oltenia operated on average with eight energy groups, covering a share of up to 24% of the energy market and about 40% of the system services required at national level. During the winter, CE Oltenia functioned with all 11 energy groups available, reaching a 30% market share on several occasions”, writes the company’s statement quoted by the Bursa.

Officials from the energy producer say that CE Oltenia has concluded contracts for all the available capacity in 2018. Also, the coal production achieved last year by CE Oltenia was over 22.5 million tons, increasing by about 11.5% as compared to 2016, with the largest deliveries of lignite being recorded from EMC Rosia-Rovinari, EMC Motru and EMC Jilt.

The representatives of the company also said, as quoted by, that in 2017, in the mining sector, „maintenance works were carried out on approximately 200 machines, with related expenditures (over 65 million lei) higher by over 16% compared to those made in the previous year. Accidental machine interruptions decreased in 2017 compared to 2016 by about 28%”.

CE Oltenia officials also say that for producing lignite, it was necessary to change the working hours for coal mining personnel from 5 to 6/7 days a week for 10 months of 2017. The company has 13,300 employees.


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