Romania: Cernavoda Unit 1 disconnected 2 through 5 May for maintenance, with 6 May Unit 2 goes to planned halt

The Cernavoda nuclear plant reactor #1 will be disconnected under control from the National Power Grid (SEN) starting with 2 May, 01:00 hrs until 5 May, so as to be carried maintenance works that, according to the power plant’s procedures could only be completed with the unit halted, on Thursday announced Nuclearelectrica in a release.

According to the source, the maintenance works need the replacement of certain spares to the Unit 1 installation and are scheduled activities in compliance with the power plant’s necessities and procedures.

“Unit 1 will be reconnected to the SEN on 5 May 2017, and with 6 May it is the Unit 2 of CNE Cernavoda that will be disconnected as planned for an estimated 30-day period, according to the schedule of each planned halt. These stops are complex projects, initiated 24 months previously the scheduled date, with a project management team, accomplishment graphic, human and budget resources’ proper planning,” reads the release.


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