Romania: Compulsory share of 8.3 percent for electric power from renewable sources approved by Ciolos government

The Government approved in its last sitting  a decision in regards to establishing a compulsory share of 8.3 percent for electric power from renewable sources that will benefit next year of green certificates, a release of the Energy Ministry reveals.

The share for the next year will be established according to the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) recommendations, at 8.3 percent, so it won’t have a negative impact on the final consumers’ bill, the Ministry representatives say.

“Therefore, according to the piece of legislation adopted in the Government sitting, in 2017 the same number of green certificates will be traded as in 2016, the subsidy value remaining unchanged, and the impact of green certificates on the final consumers’ bill for electric energy will be maintained constant at the 2016 level, which is 42 lei per MWh,” the release points out.

Officials of the Energy Ministry explained that, if the share of 2016 would have been maintained, 12.5 percent respectively, the final bill for electric energy would have increased by 5 percent.

“We mention that this Government Decision will take effect only until the new Government approves the Emergency Ordinance draft on the amendments and additions to the Law No.220/2008 for establishing the promotion system of producing electric energy form renewable sources, for which the Decision of the European Commission was obtained, approving the amendments proposed for the aid scheme, that was sent to Romanian authorities,” the Ministry representatives added.

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