Romania: Conpet applies new transport tariffs for oil

The national transporter of oil Conpet Ploiesti announced new transport tariffs through the National System of Transport for oil, gasoline, ethane so that the tariff grew from 79.75 lei/tonne to 84.37 lei/tonne, a growth of almost 6%.

‘Conpet Ploiesti informs the investors  that the Official Gazette of Romania, part I no.500/19 June2018  published order ANRM no.117/15 June 2018 which amends order no.13/2010 for the approval of the transport tariffs through the national system of  transport of oil, gasoline and ethane. Through order no.117/15 June 2018 the new tariffs for transport through the national system of transport of oil, gasoline, ethane applicable starting with the publishing date in the Official Gazette, namely 19 June 2018’ the press release of the company shows.

Similarly, for the activity of transport import it was approved the amendment of the transport stages namely of the tariff threshold of 100,000 tonnes per month at 120,000 tonnes/month, the tariffs being unchanged for the refineries Arpechim and the Ploiesti basin.

‘For the refinery Midia the tariff grew from 8 lei/tonne  to 27 lei/tonne for the smaller stage of 120,000 tonnes/month and from 7.33 lei/tonne  to24.74 lei /tonne for the bigger stage of 120,000 tonnes/month’ mentions Conpet.

The Conpet company is controlled by the state, through the ministry of energy which owns 58.71%ofthe shares.

The company has capitalisation of 770.51 million lei.

Conpet has almost 1,700 employees. Last year, the company had a turnover of 376.68 million lei and a net profit of 74.38 million lei.


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