Romania, Dacia: Steady rise of 12,2 percent for Dacia on international car markets in 2017

Romanian carmaker Dacia sold over 655,000 cars under this brand in 2017, 12.2% more than in the previous year.

Dacia, which is the biggest car producer in Romania, maintained its leadership position on the home-market with 43,262 cars sold, up 11.3% over 2016, and an estimated market share of 29%.

The Romanian brand’s sales on international markets also went up by 12%, reaching almost 612,000 units, three-quarters of which were sold in Europe. France remained the main export market for Dacia, with a record 120,000 units sold in 2017. Dacia comes 5th in the ranking of best-selling automotive brands in France, immediately after Volkswagen.

Germany is Dacia’s second-biggest market, with almost 65,000 units sold, Italy is third, with over 63,000 units, followed by Spain, where 56,000 Dacia vehicles were sold last year.