Romania denies supply of electricity to neighboring country Bulgaria

Bulgaria demanded electricity supplies from Romania on the 9th January, but the request was denied, Bulgarian media quoted Romanian officials as saying.

Problems in the electricity distribution system, linked to harsh weather conditions and increased power consumption, prompted the government to make the request, according to Bulgarian National Television.

South-East Europe has been experiencing unseasonably low temperatures since last week.

According to a local broadcaster, as of 19:00 PM local time (EET) on Monday, the consumption of power in Bulgaria peaked to 7,700 MWh during the busiest hours, an unprecedented amount for the past 20 years.

NOVA TV says that according to Romania’s Energy Minister Florian-Toma Petcu, Bucharest could not grant the request, as its own electricity consumption had increased due to the bad weather.

“Taking into account the delicate situation in which Romania could find itself, we did not take the commitment and said we were unable to help,” NOVA quoted Petcu as saying.

The Romanian minister also said that electricity consumption in his country would exceed 9,500 MW daily, while the consumption of gas could reach 74 million cubic metres a day. He added that this would be a historic record, as the previous peak has been 71.2 million cubic metres a day.



Source: EurActiv and Nova TV Bulgaria.


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