Romania: Draft regarding the law of hydro-mineral resources: the annual tax for exploitation activity, 100 euro/ha

The ministry of economy published in public debate the draft regarding the law of hydro-mineral resources and from the Taxes chapter, tariffs for hydro-mineral resources it is clear that the annual tax for the exploitation activity will be 100 euro/ha.

According to the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM) the value of annual tax to be paid depending on the surface where the mining activity take s place and the way of payment are explained in art.44, 2-6, the Law of the mines no.85/2003 with amendments and later completions.

Thus, the respective article mentions that the annual tax for the activity of prospection was 25,000 lei/sqkm and the annual tax for exploitation activity was 100,000  lei/sqkm. This was double after two years and became five times higher after four years. The annual tax for exploitation was established at 25,000,000 lei/sqkm. As the tariffs are expressed in old lei, the tax for prospection was 2.5 lei,the exploitation one was 10 lei and the exploitation activity was 2,500 lei (545 euro for BNR on 17 August).

The values were updated through decision no.350 of 20 May 2015 thus: the annual tax for prospection is 341 lei/sqkm, the annual tax for exploitation is 1,347 lei /sqkm and the annual tax  for exploitation is 34,180 lei/sqkm (7,460 euro at the BNR rate of 17 August).

‘The value of the debt to the State Budget is established through specific legislation’ the draft says.

The draft was posted for public debate on 17 August 2017 on the internet page of the ministry of economy and the proposals, suggestions and opinions  regarding the draft are received in 10 days since publication on email:


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